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Beatrice Wangui (Jordan)

In Kikuyu Music, Beatrice Wangui is nicknamed Jordan after the title of her 2002 debut hit album. Born in Kanyenyaini, Muranga County, the young Wangui had a natural talent in music as she grew up, in late 70s and early 80s. Then, she was the lead singer at youth camps organized by churches and at primary school festivals. What was evident at that young age was, Wangui had a natural talent to compose original songs that were sung at weddings, church events or music festivals.

I’d just sit down and God would give me ideas on what to compose,” Wangui told Kikuyu Musicians. Later on she taught her peers to sing the songs she composed. She also credits her music teacher Mr. Gitau who gave her vocal training. A song like Jordan, which later got recorded in her debut album Wangui recalls she wrote it when young. “I never thought those songs could be produced,” Wangui said.

Meeting Nebster Muhiko
After class 8 due to lack of fees and family problems Wangui’s formal education halted. With no further formal educational prospects, she joined her mother in picking tea as a casual laborer until 2000. She left home for her brother’s place in Nairobi. By then, songs that later were in the Jordan album, were being sung in Churches in Muranga before they were recorded. While at her brother’s place, she bumped on Nebster Muhiko a renowned gospel musician who was hawking his cassettes.
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